Garuda Indonesia began to operate the Boeing 777-300ER

New fleet of Garuda Indonesia , Boeing 777-300 ER aircraft, official maiden flight on Tuesday (9/7) yesterday served the flight from Jakarta to Jeddah (GA980). The new fleet takes off from Soekarno Hatta International Airport at 11:00 and arrive in Jeddah at 16:50 local time.

Garuda Indonesia 777-300ER

Garuda Indonesia 777-300ER

According to official information on its website, Boeing 777-300 ER aircraft presence is marked two significant achievement for the company. First, Boeing 777-300ER fleet will bring new standards of quality aviation services, especially for direct flights on these routes long-distance. Second, the presence of service “First Class” which will provide added value in the flying experience of service users.

Some of the facilities available in the service “First Class” among others “Chef on Board” where passengers can order special menu above an altitude of over 35,000 feet with the special koko, and the “In-flight Connectivity” which includes facilities exConnect ( Internet connection via WiFi) and exTV (live telecast of six international channels, namely CNN International, BBC World, BBC Arabic, NHK World Premium, Euronews and CNBC).

Services “In-Flight Connectivity” can only be used when the aircraft is at an altitude above 10,000 feet, and are not allowed to use the aircraft in a position when taxiing, takeoff, and landing.

The fleet expansion is part of a development program conducted Garuda Indonesia in order to increase the capacity and development of the network (network) international flights.

Boeing 777-300ER aircraft achieved the “Best Aircraft” for five consecutive years in the event the “Leading Edge Awards”. The fleet has a total of 314 passenger capacity passenger configuration with 8 first class seats, 38 business class seats and 268 economy class seats.

Two Boeing 777-300ER aircraft will follow in November 2013 to serve the flying Sydney – Jakarta – London , and six other fleet is scheduled to arrive in 2014 and 2015.


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