Here is 5 best sunset spot in Bali

Spend the holidays friends ‘sunset’ is the agenda that must exist when you visit Bali . In recent years, the island flourished in many places that sell these twilight panoramic sunset cocktail that is not less interesting. There are five best spots for enjoying the sunset on the horizon Bali. Come, see the review below.


The Rock Bar

Policies that jutted into the sea floor, right in the middle curve of Jimbaran Bay, it makes Rock Bar location is perfect for lounging while sipping a glass of rockito funny – with additional grand marnIer mojito – and a plate of lobster spring rolls with Tamarin spread.

Open bar with 360-degree panorama is now the most happening place to watch the sunset in Bali. Twilight atmosphere presented difficult duplicated elsewhere. That’s also the reason why you need to book a place three or four days earlier if not wanting to be in a long waiting list.


Ku De Ta

Pronounced the same as the coup d’état in France, Ku De Ta is the après-beach bar plus restaurant for the upper middle class who was vacationing on the island. Occupies a spectacular spot in Seminyak Beach, Ku De Ta also has a brilliant layout lawn, soft pillows for leyeh-leyeh, and direct access to the beach.

Ambience is also a sexy place. Travel sites described as a blend of Lotus Bar in New York and Café del Mar in Ibiza. Ku De Ta is one of the wonderful restaurants are attractive to relax with the evening sun is sinking in the horizon Seminyak.



This newcomer in Seminyak which he also sells panoramic Mediterranean sunset from the lounge and a sky deck in The W Hotel Seminyak area . Woobar situated in a prime location posh area of Petitenget, Bali. Of new spot that opened in March 2011, you can enjoy the warm sunset while sipping a cocktail concoctions Asia.

Crystal Palace Beach Bar

Crystal Place is located right on the edge of Seminyak Beach , the landing place of epithets that get the best sunset on the island of the Gods. The place is quite chic, fast pass for you who want to enjoy a few glasses of wine at an affordable price. It has several collections of Australian wine and Chardonnay grapes Oddfellows brand names.

There are a lot of bean bags laid out on the beach, overlooking the sea. While sitting enjoying the sunset, usually visitors will be entertained by live guitar performances or DJ. The fun, the music volume in the Crystal Palace was not deafening. Unlike the bars next to the beach.

Bingin beach

Currently, there are a lot of surfers who started leaving a million people of Kuta beach . They switched to a new tongkrongan quieter and secluded in the south, called Bingin Beach. Well, in this Bingin Beach you can find a row of ‘twilight bar’ which is really thick with tropical style.

Bingin famous beach as surfers hangout, generally those from Australia. So easily blend in with the surfers who work hard to hang out in cafes near the banks of drinking Bingin Beach, follow their casual style. Pins and seals last message was a bottle of Bintang beer on the beach is a favorite drink


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