Tips to enjoy the moment at Bali when the celebration of Nyepi

For outsiders, including tourists who were in Bali during the celebration of Nyepi, the course will give the impression and experience of its own. Bali is usually sudden uproar now silent.

In order to not feel “stuck” and confused, here are some things you need to know in order to remain able to enjoy during the celebration of Nyepi Bali.

Reasonable access to and from Bali were closed

Business Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport , PT Angkasa Pura I Persero would negate 301 scheduled domestic and international flights during the celebration of Nyepi . airport will be closed starting on March 12, 2013 at 06:00 pm and re-opened on March 13, 2013 06:00 pm.

Access through the harbor entrance is also closed. So travelers are advised to choose the transport that allows to arrive in Bali one day earlier.

Area boundary motion

If you stay at the hotel which is located in the city center, usually you are still allowed to carry out activities outside the hotel room. Types of activities are limited, and does not include activities that can cause noise.

But if you stay in an area that tends to be closer to residential areas, such as villages in Ubud, then you are only allowed to move in the room.

Limitation of lights and electronic equipment

Daytime, tourists are welcome to light the lamp and electronic equipment in the hotel room. It’s just a television broadcast (local or cable) and radio stopped for Nyepi. If you want to watch a DVD or music setting, make sure that the voices raised not to disturb others. At night our guests are not allowed to turn on the lights, candles, or other explanation.

Activities culinary

Besides not allowed out of the hotel to buy food, the whole business including restaurant also practically stopped operating. Do not worry, the hotel provides breakfast usually stay for the guests. For dinner, given the very limited lighting, the hotel will usually advise guests to order food to the room ( in room dining )

Welcome Nyepi rituals

are at least three common ritual Balinese Hindus before Nyepi celebration. Balinese Hindus will perform rituals Melasti which aims to clean up the objects sacred to the sea, lakes, or springs. This ritual was held for several days before the celebration of the New Year or Nyepi Saka, carrying offerings and sacred utensils, accompanied by Balinese traditional music (gamelan) that pounding.

Into two ie ritual ceremony Tawur Supreme Kesanga the holy sacrifice to neutralize the evil spirits so as not to interfere with human life. The ceremony is usually done during the day. The ceremony was followed by parading ogoh-ogoh, huge doll as a symbol of evil spirits, at night. The public can watch the parade of ogoh-ogoh is carried around 19:00 pm. Every banjar (village) will make ogoh-ogoh are then paraded around the street.

Along the streets where the parade will be closed until the parade ends around 00:00 pm. After the parade, people should return home or lodging, respectively, and Nyepi ritual began.

Recommended activities

Many hotels that offer a variety of special packages Nyepi which usually consists of a variety of relaxation to enjoy hotel facilities such as spa, sauna, yoga, and massage . If you are observant, you can get these packages at low prices.

Other options, you can do the activities that can be done in the room, and free from electronic equipment. For example, reading a book or meditating. A short break from mundane activities and participate fused with the silence of Nyepi.


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