Going to Lembongan Island – Bali

Lembongan island

From Sanur in Bali, you can use the boat in an hour or 1.5 to the island Lembongan.
The island consists of two parts that you only by motorbike or only can see.
It is almost entirely car-free, and if you’re a bit comes out of the tourist area than you imagine yourself occasionally in medieval times.
Enough accommodation is all price classes, wonderfull bays with turquoise (though very cold) water and white beaches. Rocky coast with cliffs and for the daredevils among us a point where you can jump from a 10 meters thick. The rocks
on Lembongan the seaweed cultivation a great source of income. If the water withdraws (tide is very low tide) than the seaweed pickers rush to the fields first underwater and go to work. Before the water comes back should be harvested!
There fun to watch from your lazy beach … The people who live there are very friendly and waving your enthousist far. Also you could make beautiful dive from there. You can visit include Manta Point and (provided in good time … and we were …..!!) On sick to the Mola Mola ….. I’ve seen him on one of my very cold diving and he was really GREAT! Like a fish out of prehistory, so divers … this is your chance! don’t forget to check for cheap accommodation to get there… 😉

Lembongan island


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