Alila Ubud Terrace Tree Villas

Dawn looks lush rainforest Bali at its best. Mist rising abovAlila ubud terrace tree villase the trees and settled in the deep valleys, radiating from the towering volcanoes in the heart of the island.

The best way to enjoy this spectacle is to be arranged. Treetop in a villa, which is designed in a simple but luxurious way

Alila ubud terrace tree villas

There are only four villas of this type, each with 120 square meters of space, with both indoor and outdoor living experience.

Each villa has a huge fresco wood decorated living room with views of the tropical forests and a very well designed interior that is harmonious with its surroundings.

The scent of tuberose flowers provides a sense of comfort in the villa, which is decorated in warm wooden teeth and recycled teak furniture.

Alila ubud terrace tree villas

What we love: The unparalleled hospitality and personal touches, such as the Alila drinks that are specially delivered to your villa in a customized box along with homemade butter cookies. One of the drinks is made from snake fruit, the other from passion fruit and Bali arak.


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