Surfing at Cimaja Beach, Palabuhanratu


The Palabuhanratu area , a favorite weekend surfing destination for expatriates and a growing number of Indonesian surfers based in Jakarta , is the most crowded of West Java ‘s surfing grounds due to sheer ease of accessibility . Most of the surf pounded beaches in the resort area Palabuhanratu – also called Samudra Beach are just that: pure beach pound , with vicious riptides and big walls of water with nowhere to go . Most surfers skip this non-directional stuff and head a few kilometers due west to the sleepy fishing village and rice-growing village known as Cimaja or Cimaja Beach.

The Cimaja break , a right that rises from a rocky reef , is reached by walking about 300 meters from the main road by the beach paddy field ( rice fields) . This place is consistently surfing because it is a solid and angular rock bottom perfectly attuned to south and southwest swells rising from the Indian Ocean . Her rights loosening strewn in front of a cobblestone and boulder beach that clatters like a series of giant castanets every time a wave set rolls in.

After turning left at the intersection onto Jl Siliwangi to go into town, there are some inexpensive losmen on the right-hand side, such as Laut Kidul and Karang Naya. Most hotels in Palabuhanratu charge more on the weekends and holidays.


A Sensational of Thousand Islands Resort


If your plane slowly descends to his approach to the Jakarta International Airport Soekarno-Hatta Airport, you can get a large number of large and small islands to see. Dotting the sea in the Bay of Jakarta These are known as the Thousand Islands, or Kepulauan Seribu. In fact, they are a cluster of 76 coral islands with more appear and disappear with the tide.

Located 45 km north of the city, this part of Jakarta offers a huge change in pace and experience the hustle and bustle of the city but is close enough for residents and visitors to enjoy the exciting marine environment within a day excursion .

Here are diving, snorkeling and fishing, or just good for lounging in the sun with nothing to the mind except the chirping of birds amidst disturbing the gentle lapping of the waves.

To stay, there are too much promo accommodation available on a number of the larger islands, such as on Pulau Putri, Bidadari, Matahari, Pelangi and Bira Besar.

Partying through the festive season

Partying through the festive season

Take the hassle out of planning a New Year’s Eve party by checking into the top 10 hotel in Bali, where a variety of parties welcome the new year are held.

The Island of the Gods will see international culinary festivals, Balinese New Year and of course to see in 2009. A beautiful sunrise festivals

Nikko Bali Resort & Spa in Nusa Dua with a wide range of entertainment from around the world, complete with typical culinary delights.

On December 31, will mark Mezzanine Cliff Top New Year’s Eve with a cocktail party from 06:30 onwards. Entertainment includes a fashion show, fire dancing, stilt-walker and cabaret.

Then there is the New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner with Futuristic aa Las Vegas style show with more than 100 dancers, performers, musicians, singers and models. Here you can feast your eyes on cultural performances from around the archipelago, modern dance, cabaret, Arabian nights and a fashion show. An extensive buffet with culinary action stations from Chinese vendors, to Asian woks, grills and much more.

New Year festivities will continue the next morning. On the first day of 2009, you can supplement at the food festival that offers a variety of dishes from different countries you batteries.

Approximately 30 km from Nusa Dua, Indonesia Oberoi Hotels & Resorts in Seminyak will rustle up busy festive eating. “The New Year period is our season and our occupancy rate is currently between 91 to 95 percent,” says Ayu Rae K. Wardhani, assistant sales manager.

New Year’s Eve will begin with the local villagers baleganjur play melodies on gong, cymbals, drums and other instruments Balinese. The baleganjur performers will wind their way to entertain. By the resort from 19:00 to guests

Then the evening really starts. The last night of the year will be unforgettable. “Our chefs have to draw up a comprehensive menu excelled gala dinner,” she said. Dinner is served from 20:00 onwards at Kura Kura restaurant. The 10-course gala dinner is priced at U.S. $ 220 net per person including a glass sparkling wine, and $ 110 net for children under 12.

6 movies that boost tourism in Indonesia


The successful Eat, Pray, Love

The film features Ubud in Bali and Padang-Padang Beach.

Thanks to Eat, Pray, Love, more tourists chose to visit to see. The pictured locations Bali Not to mention the number of people choosing to visit Ubud just to consult with the ‘Balian’ healer in the film, Ketut Liyer mention.

Many tour packages inspired by Liz Gilbert’s journey in Bali – live near a rice field, scouring the traditional market, swimming, hiking and, consulting a palm-reader – have sprung up over the years.

The philosophers

The newly released fantasy thriller tells the story of the 20 students from an international school in Jakarta.

They are challenged by their teacher to 10 choose between them to take be granted. In case of a nuclear apocalypse the privilege of shelter

The philosophers was filmed in various locations in Indonesia, including Bromo in East Java, Belitung Island in Sumatra and the Prambanan temple in Central Java.

The film, which reportedly used many special effects, has not been released to the general public. On the market for the United States and Canada is scheduled for this fall.

So far, it’s shown at the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival in Switzerland and the Fantasy Filmfest in Germany.

Java heat

Java Heat and Alex Cross

Alex Cross is a character in a series of novels written by James Patterson.

The series is adapted to the screen, and uses the name of the character as its title.

Part of the film scene in 2012 were shot in Bali.

Java Heat, a 2013 crime thriller film, took the integration of Indonesia – especially Java – in the story a step further.

They chose local actor Ario Bayu and Atiqah Hasiholan actress to play prominent supporting roles with Hollywood stars like Mickey Rourke.

Java Heat reminiscent of the guns galore-style that was a big trend in 1990 action movies, but it also gives a decent glimpse of the Indonesian culture and the magnificent Borobudur.

The Fall

One of the points of the winning 2006 film The Fall is the brilliant use of the beautiful locations in the world.

The adventure fantasy directed by Tarsem Singh included scenes filmed in places like Jantar Mantar in India, the Charles Bridge in the Czech Republic, Hagia Sophia in Turkey, the Colosseum in Italy, Teatro Opera in Argentina income Butterfly Reef in Fiji.

A scene took place in the Tegallalang Rice Terrace in Ubud, Bali, and there is also an extended scene where the Kecak dance in Bali took place in the open space under the reliefs of Mount Kawi, too.

Laskar pelangi

Laskar Pelangi

There are plenty of local films depicting the Indonesian landscape, but Laskar Pelangi (2008) is one that caught our attention the most.

Set in the Bangka Belitung Islands, the film garnered national success and a boost to the region’s popularity among tourists.

The Bangka Belitung Islands, with its beach decorated by huge granite structures, has become one of Indonesia’s major tourist destinations.

Some of the sites are now marked with signs, “Laskar Pelangi’s film location.” A gallery was built in honor of the film and the novel it was based on and off in the Gantung magistrate was called Jl. Laskar Pelangi.

Bali’s current addiction: Sunday brunch

Bali’s current addiction: Sunday brunch

“It’s not quite breakfast, it’s not quite lunch, but it comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end. You do not get exactly what you would at breakfast, but you get a good meal.”

The above quote from the American sitcom The Simpsons is a perfect definition of a brunch, a new trend among Indonesian urbanites in various places, including Bali.

Indeed, Sunday brunch is a must-do activity for lovers of the island. Most hotels and restaurants have Sunday brunch on their menus, knowing that the locals and tourists will love it.

Some offer sumptuous buffets with a variety of food stations, while others combine good food with flowing wine or champagne. In some locations, are famous chefs invited to the Sunday brunch to a gala dinner. More hip

If you are in urgent need of a sophisticated brunch, visit the Sheraton Kuta. The hotel offers its Market Brunch, a time when people can enjoy fine dining with friends or family. Everything is laid-back, and harmonious acoustic music gives a soothing background noise while people eat and chat.

“We want people to come if they visit a Sunday market, where there are fruit sellers, vegetable stalls, a patisserie, but also someone who visits your lists to different dishes to offer, here” said Angga Syailendra, Starwood hotels’ assistant manager for public relations and partnerships.

Bali’s current addiction: Sunday brunch

The fruit station is decorated like a fruit market. Guests can use any combination of fruit juice or smoothy order and everything is fresh and to order to size.

When the fish station, there is a choice of fish , oysters and crab to salmon sashimi . All freshly cut , as in a fish market , but without the associated odor.

The pasta and grill stations are the big favorites with diners . Although there is not the same variety of meat with seafood , the smoky flavor of the grill station is really tempting . The atmosphere is not as lively as the Jemma El Fna Square in Marrakech, but it provides a clear escape from a typical hotel brunch.

My personal favorite was the patisserie . Varieties of Valrhona chocolate with a chocolate fondue fountain were placed between the beautiful Strawberry Shortcake , lemon meringue pie , tiramisu and mango mousse . They also had a variety of traditional Indonesian cakes even more inviting than the international ones looked .

The Market Brunch has something for everyone . There is a wine-making activity where you come from grapes with a large wooden feet can crush . The popcorn station is a wonderful treat for the children , in addition to which the hotel offers a special children’s corner where children , accompanied and assisted by kitchen staff , make cookies .

Market Brunch at Feast Restaurant serves brunch every Sunday 12:00 to 15:00 The package is set at Rp 270,000 + + per person. Free-flowing wine, cocktails and locally made beer costs an additional Rp 200,000. If you want to complete as much as you can drink your Duval Leroy Brut champagne brunch, to Rp 450,000 to add you.

All in all a very pleasant experience for a relaxed Sunday. It’s not over the top, but it is definitely the best option in Kuta. However, the only downside was the lack of local flair, given the limited number Balinese dishes.

Yoga Barn

Barn Yoga

The Yoga Barn is one of the most famous places of Bali yoga retreat, partly because of their regular festival, but it is actually the variety of their daily lessons and their beautiful location in Ubud that most of the profile building does.

You can find yoga classes for all levels, from beginner to advanced, at Yoga Barn.

Jl. Pengosekan Raya, Ubud

Intuitive Flow


The recommended class Intuitive Flow Yoga is their Pranala – a combination of yoga asana, pranayama yoga, meditation and mudra pranala (Balinese qi gong).

They also offer a 200-hour yoga teacher training, as well as a healing program with specific exercises designed to improve, repair of hernia or arthritis. Hip joints

Jl. Campuhan, Ubud